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Discourage People from Stealing from You

By: Elena Grace Flores

Stealing Time
Stealing Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shoplifters, robbers and thieves have some kind of psychological problems on top of being so desperate with money. It is surprising to know that stealing can be prevented with some psychology tactics. The good thing is, the tips discussed here are for everybody. Read this:

How to prevent stealing

By:  M.Farouk RadwanMSc.

Psychology can help you deal with many of the life situations you face in a better way. Psychology can help you in preventing your stuff from being stolen and can make it less likely for you to get robbed.

After all the person who steals your stuff is just a human being who has feelings, emotions and certain weaknesses.

Many people rich or poor can sometimes go through financial trying times and can easily be provoked by the hardship in life to steal. You too can stop this circumstance and prevent yourself from being a victim. Like in your own household, be there to extend help to your helpers, workers or anybody who works for you. Let them know from the start that you are willing as much as you can to help – if only they let you know. This is a noble thing to do for as long as they don’t abuse it. Take care of your people and they will take care of you!

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