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Discrepancies found in COCs of Laguna, Ilocos Sur and Davao del Norte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There are indeed multiple transmissions results in Laguna, Ilocos Sur and Davao del Norte during the official canvassing at Congress by the NBOC, These clearly show that the unofficial transparency server transmissions are not reliable – therefore there are plenty of opportunities to cheat when the digital process is interrupted.

Chairpersons in charge from the provincial board of canvassers xplained to the NBOC why two sets of COCs one which was electronically transmitted and the other one physically delivered – due to server failure.The canvassing for the above mentioned provinces was delayed because of the objections from the lawyers and canvassing panels themselves as the following were disputed:

Laguna: first COC was corrected due to shortage of votes in the municipality of Rizal – only the testing votes were transmitted because the system had bogged down.

Ilocos Sur: first COC electronically transmitted did not include the municipality of San Ildefonso thereby corrected.

Davao del Norte: first COC did not include the municipality of Asuncion, so corrections haad to be done.


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