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Distinguished UP Alumnus Vouched on BBM’s Technology Transfer Technique in Agriculture


By: Elena Grace Flores

BBM Worldwide Leaders Alliance
[VIDEO]: The endorsement of Dr. Rey Castro for BBM/Inday Sara Uniteam

Technology Transfer in Agriculture

Dr. Rey Castro was the past president of the Philippine Society for Agriculture. He’s a UP Los Banos graduate. He also got his doctoral degree in Agricultural Systems Engineering from Chelmson University in the United States of America. He’s a recipient of his alma mater’s Distinguished Alumnus Award for Research and Development. This is due to his formulations of some agricultural technologies. Their transfer to the farmers was made possible in his hometown, Ilocos Norte, Bongbong Marcos’s bailiwick.

Rice Surplus-Producing Province

Dr. Castro attests to how Marcos solved Ilocos Norte’s food shortage problem when he was governor of his hometown. Not only that. BBM turned it into a rice surplus-producing province. Most farmers in Ilocos Norte are only farming half a hectare per farm. Despite the limited area, now it’s producing at least 5 tons per hectare, said Dr. Castro. Therefore, it’s still not too late to improve rice and crops production nationwide.

BBM’s Winning Technique

BBM’s winning technique is the transfer of the available agricultural technologies. This is from the able Filipino scientists like Dr. Castro to the farmers themselves. His support to this sector starts from the introduction of systems to the availing of farming supplies, devices, and machinery. It is very clear that Marcos had a deep knowledge of the field ever since he was governor of Ilocos Norte, added Castro. So, BBM’s leadership is essential, particularly in the agriculture sector.

2 thoughts on “Distinguished UP Alumnus Vouched on BBM’s Technology Transfer Technique in Agriculture

  1. Great thats why i vote BBM SARA tandem

  2. Yes, the vision of BbM is possible, like Israel that can produce enough food from their own land even if it’s a desserted place.God bless BbM.

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