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Does Bongbong Marcos’ Current Jobless Status Spare him from Duterte’s Opinion?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Rappler
Duterte: Presidents should know how to kill

Listen to the Man who has Seen it All

President Rodrigo Duterte said that anyone who wants to replace him must be ready to kill and not be afraid to be killed. He reports that he has not met a possible replacement for his job as President. This is contrary to his campaign promise that if Bongbong Marcos wins the 2016 elections, he would pass the presidency to him. Marcos is jobless right now.

Bongbong Marcos’ Jobless State

“We’re getting old and the young are there,” Duterte said. “I have not seen new crop of politicians in our country who can lead. First and foremost, Bongbong Marcos is not young anymore. He’s already a senior citizen. Plus, he’s currently not in public office after his VP Protest drags for too long. He’s jobless so to speak just like what his sister, Senator Imee Marcos has said.

Joblessness Needs New Strategies

Marcos remains active despite being jobless. He tackles the issues of poverty while visiting places nationwide. He expresses that there’s seriously wrong with the country’s policies since poverty and joblessness are still here. He currently prepares for his 2022 elections national candidacy. Many people hope that this is for the Presidency. Others can only sour grape about it.

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