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Does Bongbong Marcos Have the Number to Win as President?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

by GMA News

Bongbong Marcos to Run as President
Bongbong Marcos said that he is ready to run for president if he has the chance to win. Alliances can help a lot, he added. That’s why he’s feeling his way through if he can win. This is by visiting the entities that supported him in the past. Does he have the number?

Duterte for the VP Post

As of this time of writing, it is not yet certain which Duterte is running for Vice President. The president floats the idea himself that he might run as Vice President but it is unlikely. Meanwhile, his daughter is talking with Bongbong Marcos regarding campaign strategies. So, just guess.

Big Chance

Bongbong Marcos is second to Mayor Sara Duterte in the surveys for likely President. He is also the talk of the town in many localities. This is because of his sudden appearances in many towns, cities, and provinces. Since the people are so fed up with the pandemic difficulties, they are banking on Marcos to give them a fresh start. His father’s gold reserves for the country are a big help.

3 thoughts on “Does Bongbong Marcos Have the Number to Win as President?

  1. We my family and friends all the way out to support the candidacy of VP BOBONG MARCOS God will be on your side

  2. My whole family will support your candidacy.
    God Bless you.
    Bring back the Glory of our Nation

    1. Real family from ilocos to cagayan is solid Marcos..

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