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Dog and Cat 2013 Saga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It has been known since time immemorial that dogs hate cats and vice versa  – but is this true? According to this article on Why do Dogs Hate Cats the hateful acts can be triggered only by the difference in their characters. Dogs are sociable and cats are independent. Be amused by this video compilation:

Cats Vs Dogs – Supercut Compilation 2013!

Posteds at YouTube by: FRlKK

Actually, not all dogs hate cats. They just misunderstood the motives of one another. If only they can talk but needless to say, dogs and cats who have the opportunity of living together for a long period of time end up very friendly and loving to each other. So, if you want both pets under one roof, go ahead and do it. You might enjoy witnessing their love and hate relationship.

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