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DOJ Sec Aguirre: Bongbong Marcos can Take VP Post only after Winning the Electoral Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Calls to speed up the recount which is one of the agenda in Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Leni Robredo escalate after the latter’s appeal to the United Nations where she gave wrong information about the president’s drug war campaign. This is spearheaded by social media groups particularly in Facebook, radio stations, and print publications. Many support the Speaker of the House of Representative, Pantaleon Alvarez’s initiative not to call Robredo VP because it is not sure yet if she really won the 2016 VP race. DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II clarifies that Marcos can only take the VP Post after winning the electoral protest. Therefore, there’s an urgency to push the recount after the two impeachments complaints against the top leaders of the country.

Youtube video by; DUTERTEISM
[VIDEO]:  Pwede nang palitan si Leni Robredo ni Bongbong Marcos sakaling ma-impeach na ito – pero kailangang manalo si Marcos sa kanyang protesta laban kay Robredo.

Lacson in Robredo’s Data

Senator Panfilo or Ping Lacson condemns Robredo saying that she got all her data wrong. She castigates the administration using lies and disproven allegations. Her disclosure is solely based on hearsays. With that, she managed to put the country into a bad light. She destroys not only the president but also her own nation as a whole. An act not acceptable coming from a Vice President. One very wrong detail is the alleged more than 7,000 deaths from extra-judicial killings of the drug war when that is the total figure of deaths which are under investigation.

Anxious to be President

The president himself cannot contain his disgust over Robredo’s being so anxious to become president – the reason why she does everything in her power to discredit him. He said that she is indeed in a hurry to become president. He’s actually not surprised by that given her nature and the reputation of her political party.

Misinformation Queen

Mocha Uson strikes back to Leni Robredo who accuses her of spreading lies over social media. Uson slams Robredo calling her the arrogant misinformation queen. She blames others for her own wrongdoing. As the president’s very vocal supporter, Mocha Uson leads a call for Robredo to resign over her Twitter account. There’s definitely no place in the government for a power grabber like Robredo, Uson said.


Wrong Meaning of Exchange Heads

PNP Chief Ronald or Bato Dela Rosa corrects Robredo’s definition of “exchange heads.” Robredo sais that it is when a family member replaces the listed drug offender should the latter cannot be found. According to Chief Bato, it is when the suspect reveals a higher drug syndicate in exchange for a lower prison sentence. This information alone proves that Robredo is a big liar. Therefore, it is not surprising why people are calling for a VP recount at the quickest possible time.

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