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Donate Old Cars to Charity as Oil and Gas Exploration Continues under PBBM

donate old cars to charity

By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaalam PH
[VIDEO]: Oil And Gas Exploration Ongoing in the Philippines under the Marcos Administration

Donate Old Cars to Charity

To those who have extra vehicles, you may want to donate old cars to charity as the Marcos administration is keen to continue the oil and gas exploration in the country. President Bongbong Marcos might be quiet but he is deeply serious about pursuing projects that can alleviate poverty.

Changes in the Near Future

To donate old cars to charity may be necessary for those who have plenty. This can free up parking spaces, help those who might need them, and save the hassles of storing junk when nobody wants them anymore. The local oil and gas products can certainly contribute to the Filipinos’ sustainability. But it may require a new device or system to make them work.

Ongoing Explorations

SK Liguasan Oil and Gas Corporation in Liqguasan Basin is ready to make use of its service contract from the government. They are looking for two rigs to start the drilling that would be finished in 3 to 6 months. Each rig costs around $25 million. The target month is from October 2022. Watch the video for the details of these developments.

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