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Don’t get a Pet when you do not have Space

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Modern living does not support having pets around. People in apartments, condominiums and townhouses only have very limited spaces – and often, no open area like a lawn where pets can stroll. This is why dog parks existed but still, not a good idea. Read this:

Dog Parks

Why They Are A Bad Idea

By: Ed Frawley

This article will detail three topics concerning dog parks:The original purpose of dog parks 
The problems and dangers of taking your dog to a dog park. 
How to prepare for a dog park 
How to handle and protect your dog while in the dog park. 

It’s irresponsible driving a pet away to your neighbors when it becomes a hazard already to your own family. The best thing to do is call the nearest animal welfare center in your area and donate your unwanted pet to them. Here, your pet can have the chance to be rehabilitated and be adopted by other pet owners. Instead of letting them stray and get impounded for euthanasia.

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