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They Don’t Know any Better – Philippine Disasters

By: Elena Grace Flores

Poverty (Photo credit: carlaarena)

There’s no one that I know of who did not do any helping for such highly publicized disasters in the Philippines. Everyone are doing something their own way to alleviate the sufferings of others but this is not enough. Despite the rising GDP statistics, the smell and sights of poverty are hard to ignore. If you haven’t noticed, click into Leoniza Morales’ Poverty Matters blog. As we all know, most of us can only afford to spare some relief donations or temporary solutions to the immediate problems. It was a blessing knowing what other sectors are doing to hopefully formulate a long-term solution to poverty. Read this:

Success is for those who want it most

By: Joey Concepcion 

Christmas is fast approaching, and in a few days this year will end.  I must say that contrary to earlier expectations, it has been a very difficult year for many of our countrymen especially those hit by quite a number of calamities. While we always try to look at the bright side, it is but a reality to deal with the present challenges and help each other recover from the emotional and physical traumas brought about by these disasters. We see the outpouring of support to those affected and it is like seeing the spirit of Christmas happening a month earlier.

Based on their example, it will be necessary to allocate a government branch that can organize or empower groups of people to do the same. However, the leadership for this must be delegated to a government servant with ample authority, undisputed brilliance, effective communication skills, good connections to industries and undeniable sense of duty. Somebody who knows better than anyone else in this field and not fueled by political ambitions – because he or she will be leading a crusade to inspire people in poverty that they can get out of it if only they know better! Better in the sense that opportunities await them if only they will take that first step towards self-empowerment with the help of the government.

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