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Don’t Let Media Propaganda Ruin the Country Again

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What is Media Propaganda?
Media propaganda is when the media is being used as political and social means to influence people’s attitudes and beliefs. The modern propaganda uses all the media available to spread its message, including: press, radio, television, film, computers, fax machines, posters, meetings, door-to-door canvassing, handbills, buttons, billboards, speeches, flags, street names, monuments, coins, stamps, books, plays, comic strips, poetry, music, sporting events, cultural events, company reports, libraries, awards and prizes.

Media Strategy
Media people swear before they become one to tell the truth and nothing but the truth – so creative writing or broadcasting is needed to be able to keep that promise or to avoid libel suits. However, the media cannot survive if there’s no business supporting their programs – and we all know that controversy sells a lot – thereby, the birth of provocative titles which are often misleading that results to total misunderstanding by the general public.

Media Propaganda Users
It is difficult for media entities to refuse large incomes because obviously, money is badly needed to be able to sustain their operation expenses. So, in this regard political giants surely can have access to this strategy to destroy their opponents. This is not about publishing false reports. This is normally involves broadcasting half-truth stories. Sometimes both sides of the stories are not covered. The use of “allegedly” is so obvious if you only pay attention to it – which means that the detail of the story is a hearsay by whoever is being interviewed. No concrete or hard evidence at all.

Media Propaganda Brain
In the Philippines, the Marcos regime that governed Philippines to become the most successful economy in Asia to the envy of other Asian countries was toppled because of Ninoy Aquino’s betrayal to his fraternity brother then the late President Ferdinand Marcos – who was once his financial supporter according to an insider’s blog.  This article although unfounded contained details of the troubled marriage of Cory and Ninoy contrary to the image that they wanted to create for the family through Ninoy’s media connections being a media man himself. The sour relationship even lasted until Ninoy was assassinated eventually in 1983.

Troubling Facts
It is evident that two Aquino’s already served as Presidents but the mastermind of the assassination is still not known. Only 16 were convicted and 20 were acquitted as reported.  Rumors had it that it can be Cory’s relatives contrary to the media propaganda that it was Ferdinand Marcos who was allegedly threatened that Ninoy Aquino would replace him as President because of his popularity triggered by media propaganda. It was however verified that Ninoy Aquino was already terminally ill or literally dying when he decided to come back to the Philippines. In fact he was in exile for three years in the U.S. for medical treatment after a heart attack.

Again, contrary to media propaganda that he was willing to die to be able to serve Filipinos. The “Filipinos are worth dying for” statement became popular since then.

Ninoy’s Betrayal
It was published in various media that Ninoy vowed to drop Sabah claim in pledge to get support from Malaysia in ousting Marcos.

Ninoy Aquino’s highly publicized accusations against Marcos paved the way to the diminishing reputation of President Marcos.

Was the assassination drama used and elaborated by the media for the Aquino’s to gain powered backed by their foreign supporters? Are they selling the land to the Malaysians? That would actually explain the President’s cold actions in helping Sultan Jamalul Kiram’s men in getting back Sabah through a suicide mission.  He is also very hesitant to fast track the Bangsamoro Law to be passed before his term expires in 2016.
Result of Aquino Governance

The present Aquino administration is making sure to install a President from their own Liberal Party to avoid being punished for their mismanagement as follow to name a few:

Fallen SAF 44 in Mamasapano
Yolanda Disaster Response
Shortage of Schools
Defective MRTs
Selective Justice
Failing Economy
Incompetent Appointees
Palpak na tuwid na daan

Media Propaganda Strikes Again
Now that the 2016 Presidential election is fast approaching, most political threats are either already in jail for alleged corruption charges or in the process of giving them a hard time and ruining their reputation – which is the same media propaganda strategy that Ninoy Aquino used against Ferdinand Marcos in the past. The following are some examples:

Chief Justice Renato Corona
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Senator Bong Revilla
Senator Jinggoy Estrada
Vice President Jejomar Binay
Mayor Junjun Binay 

Makati Chaos Can Slow Down Economy
The continued attack by the Liberal party of President Ninoy against the Binays has a huge impact in the Philippine economy. Makati being the center of commerce in the Philippines has lost huge turnovers in a daily basis. Businesses either interrupted or disrupted by the chaotic situation claims to have suffer substantial losses as interviewed by CNN Philippines.
Special Treatment
The absence of the Binays in the public service arena is a great loss to the general public because only this family has a proven track record in improving the lives of their constituents through quality service facilities like well equipped schools, better healthcare, supported livelihood and other social benefits. This is the only area in the Philippines where public services are quick and efficient.
Liberal Magnanakaw

Public Service Betrayal
It is very clear that the Pnoy administration is only interested in safeguarding their Liberal political party – that’s why they wanted Kid Pena to govern Makati who is the Vice Mayor than Mayor Binay. Also, as a President who is noted not to have an economic skill, he would not care less if the Philippine economy slows down with the deteriorating income from the central commercial district. There are just too many betrayal incidents done by the ruling President from the Sabah incident to the Makati interference.

So what should the public do?

Let’s topple the Liberal Regime by to electing Vice President Jejomar Binay as our unifying president during the 2016 Presidential election! Never let media propaganda ruin our lives this time.
Binay's Promise

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