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Don’t like Ferdinand Marcos? Know his works that you benefit from!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Gabay TV

If you don’t like Ferdinand Marcos, don’t use his infrastructure projects and do not benefit from his economic programs.
A loud commentator recently said that the haters of Ferdinand Marcos must stand on their principles. They should not use his projects. Like the roads, airports, LRT, hospitals, schools, and more. No benefits like the 13th-month pay should be paid to them as well. Not to mention the electricity and water usage. In short, they must go out of the Philippines if they hate Marcos that much.

Economic Drivers

Masagana 99 generates IR8 hybrid rice even for exports. Blue Revolution or fishing enhancement activities also give quality livelihood to the fishermen. Cultural Center of the Philippines, the PICC, and more exist for the nurturing of arts and crafts. Thus putting the Filipino entertainment shows on the map. So, most sectors if not all are under the economic plan of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Free Education and Health System

The literacy rate of the country during Ferdinand Marcos’ time went up to 100% in Manila. Labor reforms gave employments to Filipinos. These are through avid skills training. He also imposed the 13th-month pay as an incentive to full-time employees. On top of that is the improved healthcare system. The Filipino life span increases from 55 to 65 years old. The infant mortality rate also decreases. BLISS housing projects, Light Rail Transit Authority, and the stronger National defense during martial law, plus anti-smuggling initiatives were the other essentials on the side – that are still in use up to this date.

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