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Don’t Meddle: Duterte to UN Rap Heyns’ Criticisms triggered by Inaccurate Media Reports

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Cristoff Heyns, Summary Executions, Special Rapporteur of the UN reacted amidst inaccurate media reports on the recent media killing comments of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte – showing him as a tyrant person that tolerates murder as punishment for criminals. He was quoted saying;”These comments are irresponsible in the extreme, and unbecoming of any leader, let alone someone who is to assume the position of the leader of a country that calls itself democratic,” Heyns said.

Duterte’s alleged plan to pay rewards to police and military officials for every drug lord captured dead or alive wasalso criticized by Heyns. He added;”Talk of ‘dead or alive’ has no role to play in any state that claims to uphold human rights in law enforcement,” Heyns said, adding that Duterte “fools no one” when says he is not ordering people to be killed.

Upon hearing this, Mr. President reacted and urged the UN to solve killings in the Middle East and Africa first where the International body failed to stop – instead of opening their mouths and meddle in the affairs of the country. After all, the UN man has no clue on the culture of Filipinos from Mindanao in the manner of speaking or acting that is preserved in Duterte’s personality – which majority of the people in the Philippines are suppressed only by propagandas by the so-called elite society or wannabes trying to manipulate power that the President-elect is counteracting.


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