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Doy Laurel: Cory Aquino Fooled the Filipinos with Her Anti-Graft and Corruption Promise

Cory Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late Vice President Salvador “Doy” Laurel expresses his dissatisfaction with the Cory Aquino administration after the EDSA revolution. He testifies that she does not have directions in her way of governance. She promises to wipe out graft and corruption as the main accusation against the lat Ferdinand E. Marcos – but she ends up even more corrupt than Marcos.

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More Debts under Cory Aquino

The Philippine foreign debt is around $26 billion when Cory Aquino assumes the post. As a revolutionary government, she can very well get rid of bizarre debts. But she chooses not to. Instead, she submits to the pressure of international creditors, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as well as the US in lieu of their support to oust Marcos. Jaime Ongpin, her finance secretary threatens to resign if Aquino allows the debts to increase further. This is why the majority of our funds from the national budget go only to interest payments alone. The reason why there’s not enough money for education and health care.

Villagers are Terrorized under Aquino

While Marcos is accused of human rights abuses, it is during Aquino’s term that the “total war policy” against leftists and their supporters is launched systematically and cold-bloodedly. It is a policy that continues to this day. It is during her term that cannibal vigilantes go through rampage in the provinces. They are used by the Philippine military to terrorize villagers and activists.

Agrarian Reform under Aquino is a Failure

It is Cory Aquino who crafts and passes a faulty agrarian reform law that gives too much leeway to landlords. They allow them to duck the program, and not enough resources go to peasants and farmers that can allow them to develop whatever land they would get out of it. The program is a failure because the Congress is, and still is, dominated by landlords. It is designed to fail.  Hacienda Luisita remains in the hands of her family – when it should have been the first property to be parceled out to farmers. That if she really wants the program to succeed and leave a good legacy.

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Spent Time in Petty Things like Proving that She did not Hide under the Bed

A news publication claims that she’s the only commander-in-chief who hides under her bed during a coup attempt. She spent lots of time testifying for herself just to clear her name. As if, each rumor about her can tarnish her name. If President Digong would go to the courts for every psychopath, murderer, and plundered accusation, he can’t manage the country anymore. This is why the late President Cory Aquino is noted for doing nothing – just like the so-called “Noynoying” of her son.

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