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Doy Laurel’s Testimony: 90-10 Offer of Marcos Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Filipino Future

Doy Laurel wrote in his book the confidential message of FEM to Cory Aquino.

Marcos Wealth Offer

The 1992 book of then Vice President Doy Laurel, Neither Trumpets Nor Drums contains this confidential message from the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The story “From the Lips of a Dying President” of the Manila Bulletin confirms this. Laurel’s Honolulu visit in 1989 after the call of former first lady Imelda Marcos in February that year was unforgettable for him. He was in the opposition but Marcos trusts his principle. Ex-President Marcos offers 90% of his wealth to the people. Only 10% he would retain for his family. Did then President Corazon Aquino heed his plea?

Principle vs. Humanity

Tell Aquino to stop her relatives asking for too much from me, said Marcos. Laurel tries to talk to Aquino but the latter refuses. She advices him to talk to the media himself. However, the message was meant for Aquino personally. And she could decide to tell the public about it. Laurel might be against Marcos when it comes to martial law. But the late president knew about his former VP’s humanitarian character.

Aquino’s Response to Laurel

Aquino did not even have 3 minutes for her Vice President. She has an hour for Tom Cruise but not for Laurel. Aquino’s alleged transparency stand did not make Laurel betray his confidentiality promise to Marcos. He seriously believes until his death that if only Aquino listens to Marcos, the country will solve all its financial problems. Since he cannot convince her, he made sure that proper documentation is made before his demise.

5 thoughts on “Doy Laurel’s Testimony: 90-10 Offer of Marcos Wealth

  1. Hindi pa Naman huli may mga anak pa SI dating pangulong Marcos susunod sa yapak nya at aahun sa atin patungo sa magandang buhay at matatag na bansa….

  2. Andiyan si Bobong siya na magpapatuloy niyan ang mga Plano ni President Ferdinand Marcos na magaganda para sa Inang Bayan ng Pilipinas, Na pilit sinira ng mga Dilawan.

  3. Kng makasarili ang humahawak sa bansa natin hindi talaga aasenso ang pilipinas pero seguro nman eh mayron isang alas NG mga Marcos si bbm dyan na matupad yng tagubilin ni apo Kay doy I G W T.

  4. Hindi natupad kay Cory . Tama lang hindi sya dapat pagkatiwalaan .Kay BBM .lang poydi ipagkatiwala .May pusong tapat .at malasakit na may pagmamahal sa bansa .Ito na ang tamang panahon para maging Presidente sa ating bansa ang pagbabalik ng mga MARCOS .NO ONE CAN STOP .YES BBM .WE LOVE YOU .

  5. Yes its high time this 2022 lets put back what is due to the Marcoses thru BBM. He is the right person to keep back our stand in the world. To uproot the nation in the situation done by the previous administrations after Pres. Marcos. Our chance is here lets take back the glory for the Phils. And thank you to Pres. D30 for his stern will to improve our nation.

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