Drilon fast-tracked Federalism by Pushing Constitutional Change

By: Elena Grace Flores
Unlike PGMA’s charter change or cha-cha proposal, the constitutional change or con-con inspired by President Rodrigo Duterte to change the government system into Federalism is initiated by the number one opposition in the senate, Senate President Franklin Drilon who filed a resolution pushing for constitution convention to revise the 1987 Constitution.

Drilon however clarified that “members of Congress at the time of the adoption of the resolution are not qualified to be elected as delegate to the Convention”. He added that candidates in the May 2016 elections are also prohibited from qualifying as a delegate to the Convention. Delegates to the Convention will also be elected by administrative region based on the number of legislative districts in the region. They will have the same qualifications as those required of the members of the House of Representatives; as reported by CNN Philippines.

Other restrictions for convention delegates would be; elected or appointed public officials in the Armed Forces and other government agencies can seek convention delegation but they are automatically resigned from their posts. The parliamentary federal form of government that President Duterted campaigned for can only be implemented should the constitutional amendments that Drilon is initiating will be approved by congress.

Reference: http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2016/07/03/drilon-concon-constitutional-convention-1987-Philippine-constitution.html

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