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Drug interactions with Melatonin that you should know

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
One should be a ware of Melatonin which is a hormone existing naturally in the body. Biological clock, that involves sleep cycle and the body’s hormoneal production relate to the amount of Melatonin that the body supplied. This is why melatonin became an elements of drugs to help with jet lag and other sleep disorders.

There are also claims that melatonin supplements slow the aging process, protect the body from toxins, boost the immune system, and prevent cancer. But there’s little scientific basis for these claims. Taking dietary supplements such as 5-HTP, kava kava, or valerian in combination with melatonin may increase its sedative side effects. Click here to see direct source:

According to Similarly, taking melatonin in combination with medicines that can cause drowsiness such as benzodiazepines including lorazepam (brand name Ativan) or diazepam (Valium), pain relievers (codeine or morphine), or alcohol may also increase the sedative side effects of melatonin. You should avoid melatonin supplements if you take medicines affecting immune function such as prednisone (Orasone), cyclosporine (Sandimmune or Neoral), or azithioprine (Imuran). Taking melatonin with fluvoxamine (Luvox), nifedipine (Procardia, Adalat), or warfarin (Coumadin) may increase your risk of side effects as well.


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