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Du30 to LP: Don’t Push me to be the Martial Law Tyrant Marcos is Accused of


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Where else can the international media get their stories from but from the Liberal Party media feeders that portray the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos as a tyrant that Du30 allegedly idolizes. They projected that the Filipinos just woke up in the midsts of rebellion and terrorism threats just to put the whole Mindanao in the state of Martial Law.

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[VIDEO]: Activists march towards the Philippine Senate in Manila to protest the Presiden’s proclamation of martial rule in Mindanao

Marcos’ Rule

In 1972, the late Marcos with the help of then-Defense Secretary Senator Juan Ponce Enrile declared Martial Law nationwide after strenuous study to save the country from insurgencies and communism invasion rampant in those days worldwide. Just like at present time, suspicion looms that the Liberal Party is involved in igniting the Marawi siege. It was known that the patriarch of the Aquino political clan was involved.

Undemocratic Democracy

The late Senator Benigno Aquino III who intended to replace Marcos as President was eventually one of the founders of the CPP-NPA merger. This is the union of the notorious rebel groups in Mindanao. His wife who became the President after his death when Marcos stepped down to save Filipinos from bloodshed, manifested the revision of the 1987 constitution. She is tagged as a democracy icon despite their undemocratic ways.


Basic Democratic Rights

The Liberal Party of the Aquinos in full context of the democratic principles cannot be the leader for democracy. For one, their matriarch the late President Cory Aquino replaced Marcos as President despite losing the elections. At the present time, another widow from the LP, Leni Robredo beats Bongbong Marcos in the VP race over clouds of doubts. She is noted to try to delay the younger Marcos’ electoral protest against her.

LP is Pushing Du30

It is not enough that the Marcos patriarch is already dead for the LP to bring his tainted memories back. They can only compare the military abuses against the opposition during his time to Du30’s present Martial Law in Mindanao. This prompts the President to follow the Supreme Court if it rules to halt it. However, he said that if he has to reinstate it, it is going to be his way – a copycat of Marcos.

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