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Du30’s Favor on Cayetano’s Speakership Can Benefit Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Former Senator Bongbong Marcos was the main target of the attacks during the vice presidential debate in 2016. Alan Peter Cayetano as the main detractor aside from Leni Robredo. A political analyst, however, says that Cayetano’s approach could also backfire against him. This is the reason why many people hate his guts. That eventually benefits Marcos. President Rodrigo Du30’s favor to endorse Cayetano as the House Speaker for the first 15 months can eventually add up to possible votes that would favor Marcos in the near future. This has definitely something to do with Cong. Martin Romualdez’ quick widrwawal from the speakership race after the President spoke to the 3 of them including second-termer bet, Lord Allan Velasco.

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[VIDEO]: Analyst: Cayetano’s move may benefit Marcos

Senator Risa Hontiveros Speculates Du30’s Motives

Only 4 remaning senators are obviously against the suggestion of the President for a term-sharing between Cayetano and Velasco for the speakership. They are De Lima, Drilon, Pangilinan, and Hontiveros. The latter said that the move surely prepares for the federalism agenda of the Filipino leader. She added that President Du30 is making sure to install a successor that would not put him in jail.

Possible Presidential Successors

The President is very vocal even before the 2016 elections that he would pass the presidency to Marcos if he cannot solve the crimes in the country in the first 3 to 6 months. He admits it himself that after he knew the real situation, it is not just possible to achieve it. The man is known for his sincerity. Although many critics who cannot understand his way of speaking are often misled. There are groups that float the name of his daughter as a hot contender for President in 2022. However, she only acknowledges the vice presidency. It leaves to the promise of the president. She would defnitely help Marcos for the top position if she is his Vice President. Sure enough, she denies the rumor that her office sends messages to some congressmen not to vote for Cayetano.

Understanding the System of Government

Various House factions accept Du30’s option. Some are in a wait-and-see attitude toward the Cayetano-Velasco deal. It is said that the President’s endorsement of his former foreign secretary and vice-presidential running mate would tighten his hold on the house. Cayetano may be unpopular with some House members but he has the backing of the Cabinet economic cluster. Reuniting these two major factions would give Du3o the edge needed to impose his policies. The Marcos turnover is likely in more than one ways. The electoral protest or charter change. Although, Marcos must be appointed in the cabinet for the second option. It is however, more handy for Marcos to prepare for the 2022 Presidential elections.

The Majority Wins in a Democratic Country

The Marcos loyalists must know that as much as they hate the guts of Cayetano because of his attacks against Marcos in the 2016 vice presidential debate, he might be the missing link that Marcos needs to get his right place in the government. He might played hard ball with the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ son but he is clearly a strategist. As Marcos said in the past, he used to have dinners with his family and suddenly embraced the opposite side during the VP race. The good thing is, the speakership is one big favor that he owed from Du30. In the world of politics, that must be returned. Could he say no to the President when the time comes that Du30 would finally asks him to work with Marcos?

Unity is the Key for Bongbong Marcos to Govern Properly

The former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ dream for Bongbong Marcos to be president is very feasible if the people are knowledgeable with how the 3 branches of government work. To get the majority votes from all the sections, unlikely alliance is much needed. Even if it means Marcos-Cayetano understanding. When Cayetano finally flips to Marcos’ side, that would give a tremendous benefit for Bongbong Marcos. Otherwise, Cayetano does not have the block that surpasses the strenght of the pro-administration stalwarts. He’s either for Marcos or say goodbye to politics. As a strategist, one can only guess.

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