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Due Process on Marcos-Like Cases: Bong Revilla’s Release on Digong’s Right to Pay Policy

Bong Revilla

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is certain that Bong Revilla who is in prison for a plunder case under the Aquino administration will be released from prison in no time. He explains that the right to pay must be applicable to everybody. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is free after paying the bail for the same case.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The president gives his assurance that Bong Revilla will be out of jail with the right to pay on plunder case.

Win-Win Scenario

If a Filipino pays to another Filipino on a plunder case, guilty or not, there’s already due process and both win. This is not a heinous crime but a financial matter. In this instance, the accused has the right to pay his offenses if ever the guilty verdict is reached and must not spend more time in detention.

Bong’s Hope for Immediate Release is Dashed

Senator Bong Revilla is excited at firsts over hopes for his immediate release bu the Sandiganbayan postponed the start of his plunder trial until February 9. Revilla and his former chief of staff Richard Cambe are both detained at the Philippine National Police custodial center pending trial for the P224.5-million case.

Delaying Tactic

The scheduled trial recently did not push through because the court has yet to finalize the pre-trial order. This is a draft of which is currently 830 pages long. This governs the weekly proceedings. The whole day normal hearing lasts only 30 minutes.

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Two Years in Detention Not Enough to Prove Guilt?

Revilla’s lawyer, Ramon Esguerra, said they are ready should the court proceeded with the presentation of witnesses, even with the absence of the pre-trial order. He stresses that “the good senator has been in detention for more than two years.” This delay is already a denial of Revilla’s right for due process. If after two years it is so difficult to prove his guilt then he must be innocent. If the guilty verdict cannot be attained after two years, that would remain the same after 30 years like the cases of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos.

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  1. It s abouttime that ll the mistkes of the past be given due process.considering that all accuses are politically s also about time that the true guilty ones be jailed in place of the innocent ones.

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