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Duterte already won so Zsa can already get back to Conrad?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is just a little entertainment when all we see are news about bashing the Philippines’s President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s character and the possibilities of war with China and Malaysia. I was really mesmerized with the Zsa Zsa – Conrad romance that’s why it was devastating to know that they split up. The big queation was why?

So, when I saw this article, as to why they split up I immediately went into reading it. Eventually, Zsa Zsa just packed her bags and told her staff that they are going back to their own home with the late Dolphy in Marina. As friends testify, Zsa Zsa is not in her real self right at this point in time because she seems floating – and Conrad vows to fight for their relationship.

Anyhow, if Conrad did not know himself why Zsa Zsa got so cold suddenly,even after sending long letters and flowers – he only got back a short note saying; I’m tired, it’s over – then how can we people know more? All I can see here is that, communication between the two obviously did not work. So, let’s move on to more Duterte news…


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