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Duterte: Bongbong Marcos’ Votes in 2016 Proved that Trauma from Lies is Gone


By: Elena Grace Flores
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The President said that the people now recovered from the black propaganda against Marcos.

The Trauma is Gone

President Rodrigo Duterte explains the guidelines of the Heroes Cemetery. Whether he is pro-Marcos or not, it was right to bury the late President Ferdinand Marcos there. Discussions about his heroism must stop. That would only divide the nation. He is a soldier, and a good president. No law can dispute that. Besides, Bongbong Marcos’ votes only had a slim difference from the winning VP. It proves that the people got over already from the Marcos regime trauma, the president added. The Ilocanos are hurting from the black propaganda lies. The nation must heal.

The Trauma of the Cheating Stays

If there’s one trauma that stays, it’s the cheating during the 2016 elections. Bongbong Marcos said that he was cheated. Maybe, the president answered. If Marcos was not cheated, maybe he won. Duterte stressed this. This is one kind of trauma that won’t disappear if the Supreme Court keeps on delaying the ruling.

Bongbong Marcos is Ready for 2022

There’s no better time for Bongbong Marcos to be president but in 2022. The nation suffers greatly because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Congress is in turmoil because of the speakership. The proceeding for former President Marcos’ will and testament is always put aside. It’s only his son that can make it a priority for the welfare of the Filipinos.

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