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Duterte to Cabinet: No Corruption Tolerated

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte displayed his kind of leadership when he recently gathered his incoming cabinet member but without Vice President-elect Leni Robredo – and addressed them directly that in his government, corruption will not be tolerated and they are accountable if their chosen people are proven corrupt.

The reminder took place Duterte during the recent meeting with his appointed officials at the Philippine International Convention Center or PICC in Pasay City last Wednesday night; said incoming agriculture secretary Emmanuel Piñol.

Duterte was pretty serious when delivering the statement and lightly said too that he would leave to his cabinet members discretion on who their team members would be for as long as they know that they will be hold responsible should their chosen ones go astray. Giving free-hand to his people and make them accountable is a good leadership process that Duterte is imposing. So, to his detractors – Mr. President may have a bad mouth but he is keen on management after all.


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