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Duterte Compassionate towards the Cebuano Journalists

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte might be really tough when scolding Manila journalists but he was very compassionate last Wednesday with the Cebuano media people after his thanksgiving party in Cebu. He deliberately went out of his way to speak with the patient press representatives waiting outside the Cebu Country Club as reported by Ian Cruz.

This is understandable because the President can express himself to these Cebuanos who speak his language without getting misinterpreted as he addressed them in the Visayan dialect:
“Sorry kaayo na kontrolado na ang akong lihok. (Sorry that my movements are already controlled) Dili man na sila magpabuot. Sila man ang magbuot sa akong lihok. (They do not want to be dictated. They are the ones dictating my moves) Naay panahon na magsugnod ta ani (There will be a time that we will start a fire).” He promised to discuss this matter soon as the Presidential Security Group restricted him for the time being.”

That special gesture towards the Cebuano journalists was not expected but very much appreciated. Having a blood line in Cebu, the President really have a soft spot in his heart for the Cebuanos who know how to place themselves before the President!


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