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Duterte: Election Results Show that the Marcos Trauma by Black Propaganda is Gone


By: Elena Grace Flores

Millions of votes for Bongbong show Marcos trauma is gone—Duterte

No More Trauma

The more than 14 million votes of the vice-presidential candidate and former Senator Bongbong Marcos is an indication. It shows that there’s no longer trauma among Filipinos during the martial law years as per the black propaganda. President Rodrigo Duterte said this before. He also added that if there was no cheating in the 2016 elections, Marcos could likely win.

BBM is in the TOP Survey Despite PET Ruling

The PET decision may be a disappointment to the Marcos loyalists. However, this seems to add sentiments to the Presidential quest of Bongbong Marcos. He is always next to Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio in the survey. Should they run as a tandem, they are simply unbeatable.

Covid-19 Trauma and Bongbong Marcos

People do not think anymore of the Marcos trauma. Most of them, need a savior after the negative effects of Covid-19. Many believe that Bongbong Marcos is the only one who can implement the will and testament of his father. This is for the welfare of the Filipinos and the world.

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