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Duterte Explains Why the Presidency is NOT for Inday Sara nor Imee Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

Duterte says daughter Inday Sara ‘not running’ for president

The Presidency is NOT for Women

President Rodrigo Duterte reiterates his previous advice to his daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio not to run for the Presidency. It is not for a woman, the Filipino leader stressed. He pities the mayor should she give in to the calls. His avid supporter, Senator Imee Marcos confirms that Inday Sara is the hottest now when asked if she can be President. Marcos made it clear that she also has no plans of running for president. However, her brother Bongbong Marcos has the right gender and the so-called Duterte’s anointed.

Women’s Emotional Setup

The President can again be a target of criticism when it comes to emancipation by feminists groups. However, his views make sense scientifically speaking. A woman is more emotional than a man. The pressures in the top executive office can better be handled by the male species. This insight of the president somewhat confirms the plans of the Marcos-Duterte alliance for the presidency. It is likely to be the Bongbong Marcos – Inday Sarah Duterte-Carpio scenario.

Marcos-Duterte Tandem for 2022

Mayor Sara also said before that she is definitely not running for the Presidency. But she is thinking about the Vice Presidency. President Duterte is just too honest to delay this announcement. However, it’s up to the people to analyze his actions if his statements are like parables.

2 thoughts on “Duterte Explains Why the Presidency is NOT for Inday Sara nor Imee Marcos

  1. Bongbong marcos is for president.sara duterte carpio for vice tandem

    1. Yes we are for Bongbong Marcos for President 2022 and if BBM BE TANDEM TO MAYOR SARAH DUTERTE OUR FULL SUPPORT WILL BE FOR HER ✌️

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