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Duterte fears ISIS Entry with Arab Missionaries Brainwashing Residents


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Duterte observes a looming crisis in Mindanao, that he referred to as the “Isis disease” building up in the country. He said;“I see a looming problem, three to seven years from now we will have a problem on Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria),” Duterte, expressed this views while he visited Camp Sang-an in Labangan town in Zamboanga del Sur recently.

The number of Arabs arriving in Mindanao allegedly for missionary work is a bit worrisome, said the President.
“Some parts of the island of Mindanao, there are white people. I suppose they are Arabs, and they are here as missionaries. They are not armed, but they are here for indoctrination, that’s what I’m afraid of,” Mr. Duterte explained.

He likened the Arab missionaries’ existence to the communist movement’s political officers who enter communities to brainwash their residents.


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