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To Duterte: Filipinos are interested in public service improvements – not what lawmakers do inside their bedroom


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a noble thing that President Duterte reminded Congress, about the government’s responsibility to ensure the efficient delivery of basic services to the public when the Department of Budget and Management or DBM submitted his administration’s proposed P3.35 trillion estimated budget for 2017. He once again repeated the essence of toppling corruption in the bureaucracy to win public trust – but forgot to remind himself that his credibility through words and actions can divide the nation.

His conflicting words however while addressing the congress that they should not have the “mindset that the power and resources of the offices we occupy are ours to enjoy” – when he himself is fond of bad-mouthing detractors and addressing them with criticisms and allegations that are personally and brutally below the belt

Well, Mr. President please know that the general public excluding perhaps your loyalists who would bow down to you even if you let them eat your feces, are not interested of what you people in public service do inside your bedroom. We are more into our daily sustenance, no killings, good educational and medical facilities accessible even without money and safety for our loved ones not only from extra judicial killings but also from libels which are rampant these days.


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