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Duterte Misunderstood the UN: Ultimatum simply means that the way he orders police for Anti Illegal Drugs was illegal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United Nations recently has warned President Rodrigo Duterte that incitement to violence is a crime against International Law. This means that his comments on public speeches while naming and shaming suspects threatening them that they will be killed instantly without any due process because his mouth does not have due process – as he said it himself is violating the UN policy. The same as when he said that if there are cops involved in investigations, that he guarantees them that he will go to prison first before them is another unlawful act in civilized countries that joined together for humanitarian preservation.

Two UN experts described Duterte’s publicized order for law enforcers and the public to go ahead and kill suspected drug traffickers as “amounting to incitement to violence and killing, which is a a crime under international law.”

More than 850 people have been killed as listed by the media since Duterte won during the May 10 elections up until recently specifically on August 11, with over 650 killed in the last six weeks only. Only 22 killings had been recognized by PNP Chief “Bato” during the senate hearing.

It is evident that the palace did not understand the UN envoys’ warning based on this response:

“The President therefore decries the attribution of killings to the Philippine government. This is simply unfair, especially to the hardworking men and women in uniform who risk their lives and limbs to win the war against drugs,” Abella defended Duterte.

When the UN ultimatum simply means that Duterte’s statements encouraging the police for the project the way that he did, are already punishable under the United Nations.


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