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Duterte Must Refrain from Humiliating Suspected Generals Until Proven Guilty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As a lawyer, President Rodrigo Duterte should know that he cannot prosecute the 5 generals suspected of coddling drug lords until proven guilty. It is also not proper to spearhead “trial by publicity” because it will humiliate not just the accused but also their families who have nothing to do with it. What the President has done, no one benefits. He himself would be just like another Ninoy or Noynoy Aquino who just opened their mouths to discredit their political enemies. Some of his supporters even find his announcing the names of the 5 suspected generals during the Air Force anniversary event distasteful.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tiniotold GMA that he was publicly humiliated when President Rodrigo Duterte dropped his name as one of the police officials allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade. As a responsible leader the least that President Duterte could do is to verify the intelligence report submitted to him and give these men in uniform the benefit of the doubt as what due process dictates.

The PNP even denied that the information did not come from them and he himself do not have concrete evidence on hand. His handling of the situation is really a total disaster just like his “shoot to kill” order when he’s not even making sure that the cops who killed those drug-related fatalities were just firing at them for self-defense. In the end, the bounty he offered with the many killings will just compromise the tax payers’ money. If no one would dare put a stop into his ways as mentioned, there will be growing number of Filipinos who will be hating him. That’s not going to be peaceful as what he should be attaining as president.


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1 thought on “Duterte Must Refrain from Humiliating Suspected Generals Until Proven Guilty

  1. Kung totoo yan bkit wala gamot s planet thursday pa ncheck up ng dr at give ng reseta pero pabalik blik pasyete subukan pa daw bumalik ng martes, pano gagaling kung wla gamot, pano bibilin kung wla nman pambili at umasa nasanay s Planet drugs?

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