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Duterte is not against Contractualization but ENDO

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mass groups were aghast about Duterte’s consulting the business leaders during their recent meeting in Davao recently. Making profits will be prioritized than providing the people with better public services would be the outcome of the said event; they said.

UFCC leader Javellana said that President Duterte seems to be twisting his pro-labor promise now to end contractualization. He thinks that the President’s contractualization stand will now be forgotten after the lobbying of these business people who are only keen in protecting their profit-related interests.

In one of Duterte’s popular speeches, he strongly vowed to strike down contractualization – but this is clarified by his Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, explaining that Duterte is not really against contractualization as what was initially believed but he is totally into stopping ENDO or end of contracts – which is an abuse of contractualization. There are seasonal jobs that only need contractual workers like rice harvests and mall promotions that are temporary during low season and many more. The However, President will go out of his way to resolve this matter with the group in due time.


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