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Duterte: Not Worried about Impeachment but can be Destroyed by Detractors on possible Human Rights Violations like Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Duterte will exert all effort in implementing policies that he believed to be effective in maintaining peace and order. He even challenged his critics to go ahead and “impeach” him. Saying that he has no problem with that for he just wanted to deliver on what he promised to the people.

He will go ahead in imposing the curfew for minors nationwide and the possibility of implementing the 1 a.m. liquor ban could follow when they reached out a conclusion that it’s viable after studying it. The family planning campaign with maximum three children for those who cannot afford to raise more is also in the pipe line. Duterte is already supported by the majority in Congress, with lots of lawmakers turncoating into his PDP-Laban Party.

Duterte ‘s 22 years of experience as hands on chief in Davao have proven to get positive results from somewhat drastic actions in the eyes of some human rights groups – but if these strategies work, then this is a good development unless his detractors would use these to destroy him through media propaganda like what they did to the late Ferdinand E, Marcos.


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