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Duterte: Robredo will not be prioritized for Cabinet post

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leni Robredo, the winning Vice President amidst allegations of fraud leaves it to the incoming president Rodrigo Duterte on what post will be given to her at his discretion. She would however be comfortable working with NGOs considering here experiences and expertise in providing legal assistance to those who cannot afford it.

President-elect Duterte has yet to get to know the Vice President for him to decide on what suits her. For now, it’s crucial to put the people from his political party as a top priority, PDP-Laban because aside from knowing who the good ones are already – he can also reciprocate the kindness of helping him win to those who helped in his presidential campaign.

This concern was discussed during the meeting at Hotel Elena in Davao. The right time will come for him to discuss things with his Vice President and things would certainly fall into place once they have that opportunity already since his schedule is still very tight now; added Duterte.


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