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Duterte Simply Said that Media Propaganda Materializes because of Corrupt Journalists – thus Assasination can Happen

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Journalists are people – and so they also react same as the majority of the public. We have to accept that we now have a President who speaks his mind and a brutally frank one. Although he cannot say one thing and mean another, journalists must be extra talented to really understand what he really means.

Some press groups are actually over-reacting. The President did not agree with the killings but he simply said that media propaganda materializes because of corrupt journalists – thus assasination can happen. It might be appaling the way he said it – but definitely not endorsing the killings.

Another misunderstanding is the word “corrupt’ like in the reaction of a Manila journalist’s widow killed last week – that he only had 200 pesos in him when he died. I think, Duterte was only narrating how a journalist can twist titles or put more weignt on one side or worst, promoting lies just to make their sponsors look good. A one-sided title is not wrong if it is true – and not misleading people. It’s called “compelling” title.

Journalists must listen to Duterte when he said that if a journalist have not done something wrong, then he or she won’t be killed. He is merely emphasizing his take to warn corrupt journalists to do their job properly or else, they will be punished.


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