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Duterte sorry for tolerating killing spree but wanted to replace Satan in the after life


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte is not afraid even if he goes to hell in the afterlife after the hundreds of killings that resulted from his all-out war against illegal drugs. He is apologetic, however for killing another person and he added that it is not easy to justify it as he is pressured to protect the nation by doing only what he knows.

“It’s not easy to take human life, but I am sorry,” as his exact words when speaking in front of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) at Malacañan recently. Then added; If I go to hell, I will not allow myself to be disadvantaged. I just got into this. If you send me to hell, I will first kick out Satan. I will tell him: ‘Get out. I am the new tough guy here’),” Duterte said.

Duterte claimed that he is ready to face the United Nations amid the international outcry over his tolerance on the killings of drug suspects by arresting officers even if their lives were not endangered.

Duterte also discussed the ill effects of illegal drugs which has destroyed Filipino families but failed to recognize that he is doing the same but the difference is, his killing spree is now going out of hand nationwide. He recalled his friend who sought his assistance when a drug addict son raped his elder sister at gunpoint. Another drug addict took the 18-month-old baby of his sister only to kill the baby.

Duterte is so obsessed to destroy the illegal drugs trade in six months and shrugged his shoulder on reports that they are just killing street runners of illegal drugs.

Duterte said it himself that the tentacles of drug cartels in Mexico and China have reached the Philippines and the country serves as transshipment point for that – but his killing these alleged small-time criminals can never hurt the massive syndicate worldwide but can only make Filipinos paranoid with being accused or killed over something they are not guilty of.


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