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Duterte under the US’s close watch as Ally for Defense

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte in his first 100 days in Malacañang will be under the US’s close watch – to measure his move on the possible ruling of the UN tribunal court regarding the maritime dispute with China. This is a breath-taking event to watch because since the Philippines’ relationship with the United States is at its best, it is expected that American forces will always back up Filipino troops and provide advanced artilleries when needed.

Ernest Bower from Washington, a nonresident senior adviser for the Southeast Asian Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies said that defense relationship has become two decades stronger after the Aquino government and that should continue with Duterte.

Starting on June 30, Duterte will officially assume the presidency – and Bower showed his broad-mindedness amidst reported wrath by the incoming President against the media, death penalty and killings of criminals. He did not even make comments on those highly publicized reactions of President Duterte. Instead, they are willing to wait and see and act accordingly!


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