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Duterte’s Church-related Criticisms might Irk Catholics – but they made Sense

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte might sound like he’s mocking the Catholic faith but he is actually just citing practices seen among Catholic clergies that they are not supposed to be doing as a religious sector.

President Duterte is strongly advocating the implementation of family planning measures and death penalty verdicts which the Catholic Church opposed. He went on humorously narrating how Catholics venerate saints as models of the faith with more than 5,000 saints to choose from when you need help – but in context, Catholics just respect their ideals and not worship them for that is due only to God.

PhilStar wrote: “I believe in one God Allah. Period,” he said during his last flag ceremony as Davao City mayor. Allah is the name of the God worshiped by Muslims. Duterte’s discomfort with Catholicism, it seems, stemmed from his unpleasant experiences when he was still a child. He recalled that when he was a child, his mother Soledad would punish him by asking him to kneel before an altar. “I told Jesus, help me. He said I can’t help a naughty boy,” he said in jest.


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