Duterte’s Failure: Killing Small-Time Drug Dealers Made Big-Time Syndicates Laugh

By: Elena Grace Flores
Policemen are noted to immediately resort into killing suspected small-time drug pushers despite them being unarmed and poor. Most excuses would be; they tried resisting arrests, they fought back or worst, they grabbed the police’s gun. This leads to the speculation that there’s an operation to kill these small-time illegal drugs operator before their existence can lead to the real masterminds.

In House Resolution 61, Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat cited the 25 drug suspects killed in police operations from June 16 to 20, compared to the 68 killings recorded between January 1 to June 15. The sudden rise of fatalities is definitely very obvious in just a matter of days.

Senator Leila de Lima will be filing a bill calling for a congressional probe on the growing list of drug suspects killed in police operations. For sure, she will again be rediculed for counteracting the bad moves of the president – but this time, she is right. Duterte’s anti illegal drugs campaign is just not working. Instead, it made big-time drug syndicates into laughing at him for destroying himself on human rights violations that he will be facing. He should widraw the “shoot to kill” order asap – or he will be blamed for all the killings in the country just like the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos during Martial Law.

Reference: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/572789/news/nation/solon-seeks-house-probe-on-killings-of-suspected-drug-offenders

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