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Duterte’s Fear of Ghosts in Malacañang is a Security Challenge

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte’s nature and ways are challenging enough for a Presidential Security Group tailing him – like posing as a crab driver once in Davao and roaming around the streets incognito, but for Col. Rolando Bautista heading the incoming team, it helps to know Duterte at close range beforehand. He found Duterte reasonable enough when security risks are explained well.

Challenges abound though with his new assignment said Bautista. Duterte’s refusal to live in Malacañang due to fear of the ghosts in the past administrations for one and shuttling back and forth to Davao will already be too risky. Since Bautista is used to chasing the Abbu Sayyaf group, he has no problem protecting Duterte when he has to be in contact with his friends from the insurgents faction.

Predictions of a chaotic Duterte administration are also seen flooding social media – but this one does not need them really. It just need a little common sense that when you give harsh comments to others, it will go back to you a thousand times.

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1 thought on “Duterte’s Fear of Ghosts in Malacañang is a Security Challenge

  1. Not only ghost but hidden camera installed by his predecessor.

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