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Duterte’s head is bigger now that he is Philippine President and told UN to back off

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s big and stinking mouth is again aimed at the United Nations and other critics on his brutal campaign against illegal drugs, that so far claimed at least 1,700 lives that has been condemned by international organizations.

The military was the witness when he accused the UN of breaking protocols upon issuing a statement expressing concern over the rising extrajudicial killings which are incited by his war on drugs speeches that seemed to have no limits.

“When I was mayor, you can really criticize me … call me names. But these dimwits forgot that I’m now a President and I represent a country,” this disrespectful comments were uttered by him at the Naval Station Felix Apolinario.

“Do not go outside to the media and start blabbering your mouth because I represent a sovereign state,” he boastfully continued. Many are wondering on the other hand how much more can the UN tolerate with this kind of provoking remarks from Duterte which by far unethical for a president?


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