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Duterte’s Humility Softened China but No Surrender for Scarborough Shoal

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Contrary to rumors that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will ruin the ties with few countries, lawyer Paola Alvarez and PDP-Laban spokesperson said that Duterte’s Foreign Policy Guideline is to be allied to all major powers equally but peace and Filipino first.

He might be getting ready to go to war in solving some of the disputed territories as per his image projects but the president made it a point to do multilateral and bilateral talks with representatives of these disputed countries first to exercise diplomacy and maximum tolerance for peaceful relationship with these countries involved.”

He asked China “to be more kind to our fishermen”; Alvarez said – that was interpreted by some negative people that he already acted like China owns Scarborough Shoal – but if this put an immediate end into Chinese Coast Guard’s harassing Filipinos in fishing grounds where our people normally fish since ancient times in Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc then it’s well and good. The President showed his humility here and not surrender as detractors claimed. However, this is just temporary while awaiting the result of the arbitration case over the part of the South China Sea that Manila calls the West Philippine Sea from the international court.


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