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Duterte’s Tough Order to the Armed Forces for Communist Insurgents


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Pinas News

The Communist insurgent are testing the President’s patience

No Mercy to Communist Insurgents

President Rodrigo Duterte warns the supporters of Joma Sison’s CPP-NPA that he considers them the number one threat to the country. They are communist insurgents as far as he is concerned. He orders the armed forces to topple them without reservations. This is after they killed a group of policemen who were distributing aids to their areas during the pandemic.

Private Monetary Contributions

The president also said that according to intelligence report, most private entities in Mindanao have to give these communist groups money. This is for their people to be safe. Duterte said that this must stop. These are through bank accounts using fictitious names. He hopes that he won’t have to do drastic move to discontinue this process. This may result to killing each other.

Killing a Filipino for a Cause

Land disputes are not good reasons enough to be a communist. The government is willing to give these lands to the people. He may have to buy back the lands if the need arises. At first, he wants to finance this through the GSIS but the Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez does not agree. But he swears to find funds for them. If this is not enough, then, the killing may happen.

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