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Duterte’s Whistling & Singing to Mariz: Sign of Appreciation don’t you think?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
News-worthy actions are really rare these days so please allow me to show to you the actual whistling and singing; Malayo ang tingin to Mariz Umali when she asked what the President would do to cabinet secretaries who are non performing in let’s say 6 months?

This Youtube video was uploaded by Jim Bongz.

I know that some would disagree but as an international writer with provincial origin, the President is just acting as he is. The whistling is what men do along the neighborhood when appreciating a beauty – and the singing is what we call “harana” to woe a lady. No doubt, Mariz is a beauty and witty at that – and Duterte is a macho Filipino man who never hides his imperfections – that’s why more than 16 million registered voters love him. As for me, it’s far from ridiculing someone (I would be pleased) – in fact, it’s indeed a “fun” press conference setting. By the way, President Rodrigo Duterte answered after Mariz insisted that her question be answered (Good job): I choose my people well – their job is “chicken” for them given their capabilities.

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