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Duterte’s Win: Political Switching of Allegiance Necessary for Funding

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There are things that never change and it was clearly seen just prior to the May 9, 2016 election that politicians had been abandoning their ships to join the most popular one. Not all Duterte’s supporters might agree that his winning the presidency has something to do with the people being fed up with Pnoy’s administration and desperately hoping that his promise of change will happen despite being too good to be true.

The only big change that is being so very obvious now are those old political cultures being practiced so blatantly and Duterte is not lying about them. In fact, he is actually very proud of his decisions. It has been known that witching allegiance to whoever is winning is a security to get hefty funding for their constituents – those who are loyal to their own risked being limited to the discretion of both the incoming government and in Congress, and that clearly dictates sacrificing funding for their locality plus their political popularity.

Duterte has been very vocal that his family ever since is a Marcos loyalist and that he do not want to offend his friend Bongbong Marcos thus not giving Robredo a cabinet post. He also honestly said that he would prioritize his trusted people and those who helped him win for important posts in his administration. The good thing is, public criticism will not hold weight in Duterte’s style of leadership because nothing is new – he just made it transparent!


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