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DZMM: Sobbing Jun Lozada Puts Pnoy on Bad Light on ZTE vs PGMA

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The interview of Jun Lozada, the whistle blower of the ZTE deal for the alleged irregularities during ex President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s time was heard crying on air during his interview on TV at DZMM.

Lozada was dismayed of PGMA’s acquittal as Pnoy’s term come to an end. He said that he did not get the support and security that the outgoing administration promised to make him a witness. He also commented that he was used by the Pnoy administration.

One caller was also annoyed with Lozada’s show of emotions and he asked; Why did you allow them to use you? Lozada should not anymore say something bad as Pnoy’s is ending because he is already battered with a lot of criticisms that show many people do not have gratitude with the good things he has done despite the circumstances.

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