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Easter Hint: New Beginning for Bongbong Marcos’ Family

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ Easter message revolves around hope, new beginnings and renewed life. He wishes for fresh inspiration, dedication for hard work, and fighting spirit to finally strive for a better living. The last 3 years was quite a challenge for the family but never do they panic as the electoral protest for the VP post is close to the end. They know that the best is yet to come after the holidays.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: From our family to yours . . . wishing you a joyful Easter!

Patience of Anxious Loyalists

After more than 1000 days of the electoral protest, some Marcos loyalists went to the Supreme Court to protest the slow progression of the decision. The Comelec said that the recount is close to completion. The PET will then decide if the result of the recount in Marcos’ pilot provinces is substantial enough to continue the process to the rest of the protested precincts. Marcos asks for his supporters’ patience in a video interview.

Anticipating for Good Results after Easter

In anticipation for good results after Easter, Marcos already submitted a plea to resume the technical examination of the voting ballots in the ARMM region. This is after Comelec itself found that 80% of the voters there were fake.

OFW Absentee Voting Irregularities

In the midst of various reports of irregularities during the ongoing absentee voting abroad particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong, Imee and Bongbong Marcos do not have to do anything. Atty. Glenn Chong and his volunteers would not allow any anomalies without being reported.

US Voting Seems Normal

In Contrasts to the chaos in the Middle East, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, the absentee voting in the US seems normal. America has always been anti-Marcos. Now, it’s the Du30 administration that disregard them in favor of China. Many Filipino-Americans also support the Liberal Party. However, the Marcoses are very diplomatic in their dealings with them.

Hope for the New Beginning

Struggle is not necessary when it is one’s destiny. Marcos knew that from the start as per his coolness. Patience is indeed a virtue. So, if the highly mistreated future Vice President can afford to relax during the holy week and emerges fresh during Easter, the loyalist must learn to trust what is in store for him and the country through the divine providence.

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