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Economist: Congressman Sandro Marcos’s Bashers are the Innocent Ones on the Currency Exchange Issue

currency exchange

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: An economist said that Cong. Sandro Marcos’ explanation on the peso vs. dollar is correct

Currency Exchange View

The currency exchange view of Congressman Sandro Marcos is correct according to an economist. The young Marcos gets a perfect score from him. This is if he’s a student in his international economy class. Dr. Michael Batu can see clearly how Marcos understands deeply what’s going on in the financial arena.

Weak Peso

In the currency exchange market, the peso is weak. The peso is weak not because the peso is weak. But the dollar is strong, said Marcos. But detractors that are not so clever, can only know how to bash him. Simply because they do not understand the issue themselves. Unlike Sandro Marcos.

Sandro Marcos’ Explanation

The presidential son explains that when there’s a crisis, people are buying dollars. When that happens, the value of the dollar becomes higher. That would simply mean that it becomes stronger compared to any other currency.

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