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EDSA and Ninoy Aquino’s Betrayal to the Country Using the Media


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PweDelie TV

The Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Treatment to Ninoy Aquino

Ninoy Aquino’s Betrayal

The EDSA revolution is not what the media described it. It started with a mutiny by some military officers. However, Cory Aquino’s brother used it to stage an uprising against Marcos. In fact, it was an act of betrayal by Ninoy Aquino’s family. Unknown to many, it was President Marcos who saved the latter from death row due to treason. Marcos sent him to America for his heart treatment according to his wishes. It was also Marcos who sustain his family while living overseas. Blaming the president for Aquino’s assassination took a toll on some Filipinos.

Media Manipulation

As a journalist and a good seaker, Aquino can only make use of his abilities to destroy Marcos. ABS-CBN was on the verge of bancruptcy when Marcos rescued it. The two then merged to malign the President. His selfish ambition to hold the highest position of the land made him betray his friend and his country.Thus explains all the black propaganda against the late President Marcos.

EDSA’s Nonsense

Marcos won the snap election with more than one million votes against Cory Aquino. But Aquino’s camp cannot accept this. They capitalized on a mutiny and staged it as an EDSA revolution. Aquino became president and released all NPAs and CPP criminals from prison. Many public services were sold to private entities. ABS-CBN was returned to the Lopezes. The media giant is supposed to be owned by the government because Marcos saved it from bankruptcy.

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