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Edvan Loh: Leadership is Too Important to be Left to the Leaders


By: Elena Grace Flores

Outward Bound Singapore Deputy Director, Edvan Loh is a guest speaker at RAFI’s LEAD Summit 2019 recently. The Oakridge Horizons venue in Mandaue is very conducive to the activities of the very prestigious 2-day event. This is for the educators in conjuncion with the relevant industries to discuss how to better equip the country’s education system to match the needs of the 21st century students. Loh stresses that leadership is far too important to be left to the leaders. It takes each one of us to bridge the gap. That is you and me, he said.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
Edvan Loh from Singapore Imparts LEAD Learnings

A One-Man International Panelist

The Vice Mayor elaborates on the answers of Gov. Philip Tan of the Wage
Loh’s presence during the summit made it a somewhat international event. He braises through his presentations with ease and answers sensitive questions with inspiring messages. The technology evolution evolves too fast that the government sector alone cannot immediately get the much needed advance learning infrastructure ready. In Singapore, mapping out the whole country during the planning stage was the first step. Then, the education players, partners and steakholders take part in identifying the leaders for the big change.

Education Infrastructure Model

Singapore might be a small country but they have created a successful model for the Philippines to follow through in a bigger scale. According to Loh, it is ideal to focus on the strenghts and not the weaknesses. His country is notable for discipline that Filipinos are lack of. Despite of that, he sees the creativity, resilience and good interaction skills of Filipino men and women. It is better to make use of these positive atributes to move forward than to deal with any negativity, he added.

Setting Aside Politics for Education

Confrontations with the government are highly discouraged by Loh. Instead, it is best to discuss things with the industry players and see where each sector can help. This is what the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation is doing. The LEAD summit brings together leaders from the public education sector, local school boards and local school governing councils. As well as experts and practitioners in the field of education and leadership development outcomes. Can they map out initiatives and improve collaboration and create synergy for this quest?

Choosing the Right Leader for 2022

Filipinos might be easily influenced by propaganda. Thus, denying them of good leaders in the past. However, in the technology era, the leadership of the candidates for the highest public office can already become very obvious. By now, Filipinos should already have the slightest idea who can lead the country into the 21st century by looking at their track records.

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