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Few Effects on UK’s Leaving EU that can Affect Migrants

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Most economic experts believe that in the short term the British economy will shrink if they leave EU. Business investment is likely to be lower, house prices could fall as people put off moving while sterling is almost certain to fall – at least initially. But this is more due to uncertainty than any underlying problems with the UK economy as a result of Brexit.

Under the Dublin Regulation migrants who arrive in the EU have to claim asylum in the first country they enter. If they subsequently move countries they can be deported to the first country they arrived in. The UK deports around 1000 migrants a year using this process which would end if the UK pulled out of the EU.

Nothing would change with UK’s relationship with other countries over night if they voted to leave EU. What would follow a leave vote is years of negotiations around their future relationship with Europe. In this process almost everything would be up for grabs. Even if they vote to leave today they would probably not ‘leave’ the EU much before 2020.


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